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Our DOMESTIC truck transportation services support without waste your logistics needs,
be it a small or large quantity of goods, our services are of a consistent high quality.
Multi-frequency deliveries are handled in the required time frame to clients satisfaction. Based on scheduled timetables and subsequent processes the transport take-off is performed and thereby the logistics planning and efficiency is raised.Trans Ocean will deliver quickly, reliably, and safe to whole Europe.

Safety Transportation

Ukraine to Vietnam

Cargo Hub Ocean Direct

Marble, Hi-Tech Nittsu’s truck services offer competitive transportation services that bring your goods from Ukraine via sea or Land to your destination, punctually and reliably.

Time & Transportation Methods
  • 15 Days by Vessel
  • 4 Days by Truck
  • 3 Days by Air

Ukraine to Malaysia

Marble Ocean Direct

Marble, will transport all your goods in a rapid and budget friendly time frame from Bangkok to Singapore in just 4 days.Much faster than using a vessel and much cheaper than by plane.
Time & Transportation Methods

  • 14 days by Vessel To Malaysia
  • 3 days by Truck To Malaysia
  • 4 days by Air To Singapore

Benefits of Service

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Compared to air cargo, you can transport much larger quantities in a truck for the same price or you pay even less and the time difference is only 1 day

Marble Truck Service is by far faster than transport by vessel. You save 73.4% on time.

Words From Partners

These guys are just the coolest company ever! They were aware of our transported for road and tail and well as complex transport services.
Magdelana Donowan CFD Engineer