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Packaging & Heavy Machinery Installations
Marble Logistics
Stands for provision of comprehensive logistics services, parts procurement, loading, packaging operations outsourcing, inventory storage and shipping.
Designs and produces effective packages for Export Goods. The Companies high standard packaging system is noted for its suitability and durability, meeting the diverse requirements of different products
All items are securely packed to ensure safety and non-damage to goods and then stored in specially designed carton boxes and tri-wall containers before loading to truck, ocean container or plane.
Professional Packaging
Spare parts
Heavy machinery
Fragile goods
Fine arts
Packing design
Receive Cargo
Stock Control
Inner Packing
Outer Packing
Wherever you are in the world, our service standards are consistently high and we can assist with installations.
Brixel Engineering, expert staff works under the guidance of professional engineers for the installation of heavy machinery. Contact us at early stages to receive a consult of either domestic or foreign experts.
All transport is treated consistently.
Machinery of excess cargo weight and volume that can not be loaded with the usual methods:
Expertise & practical Experience
We comply with the rules for vehicles that exceed the limit value, which is determined by the vehicle restriction ordinance, etc. weight, length, width, height.
We also comply with the terms of the specifications, operation time and operation route and the like shown in passage written permission.
Brixel only proposes a transportation method that corresponds to compliance
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